Hofburg Palace: a visit to the Austrian President´s office

There are places that you may dream to visit one day. That happens to me almost every day, when I open the newspaper and read the Politics and there is the Austrian President´s office with its red walls and the omnipresent painting of the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa.

The Präsidentschaftskanzlei (the German name) is situated in the historical building of the Hofburg Palace. A place where history has happened since the very first foundation stone was laid centuries ago. Once the emperor’s residence, now the president’s office.

While being there, I was imaging Maria Theresa looking contemplatively through the window (it was actually her apartment). She was an outstanding figure in an era where it was nothing but rare for a woman to be front of state affairs. She is remembered as a great reformer. Reforms that she performed during her 40 year reign and still remain. Not surprisingly she is still vividly present after 300 years of her birthday.

I can say that being there was a dream coming true not only because of the place itself but also because there was the President of Austria welcoming us. There, were the Press Photographers take those photos that I see every day in the newspaper since I have been living in Austria.

Please see the images below. I hope you can feel at least a little of the magnificence of this exquisite baroque place situated in Vienna.

I am very thankful for this wonderful experience to Österreichische Präsidentschaftskanzlei and Instagramers Austria 

mariana perrone, austria, snowing butterflies, hofburg, interior, vienna, maria theresa

mariana perrone, austria, snowing butterflies, hofburg, interior, vienna, van der bellen, maria theresa

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